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We connect 

creative ideas to social initiatives
that matter and create impact.

This is what

we do

We are three creative entrepreneurs with a passion for empowerment and Common Culture is our vehicle for social innovation projects. Throughout our earlier careers as entrepreneurs we have an network of amazing companies from the creative industries with whom we now realise projects that are aimed at making real social and societal change.

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Urban Planning 

 Inclusion   Social sustainability

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Get a glimpse of some of our previous work and the projects we are still involved in

We channel what the creative industry is best at towards social projects. To activate, mobilize and inspire people to change their behaviour.

We have always been facinated and inspired by the way in which creative companies have been able to mobilize and inspire people. Whether it is to buy their products or stand up for something, they have mastered the art of actually activating the masses. The past years we have seen a massive increase in the willingness of companies to contribute to social initiatives and it is our believe that they can provide exactly that what is often so drastically needed by these initiatives: the ability to inspire and move people. 

We have worked on some amazing projects so far where it was always our commissioners intend to create social change.  We helped them do so by looking into what is currently moving their targetgroup and what organizations and individuals could potentially influence that behaviour for good,

We have had the pleasure to mobilize some of our creative partners to contribute to these projects. Below a small selection of these contributers:

Partners &

Clients &


We have had the priviliged to work on commissioned projects from an amazing group of organizations  so far but there is always room for like minded changemakers.

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