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Footlocker x Common Culture: The Pulse of Amsterdam

In collaboration with Footlocker, Common Culture curated "The Pulse of Amsterdam" program for the launch of Footlocker's flagship store in Amsterdam. The initiative aimed to infuse the vibrant essence of Amsterdam's cultural scene into the event, fostering a strong connection with the local community.


Create an immersive and engaging experience for Footlocker visitors, tailored to Amsterdam's vibe.

Provide a platform for emerging talent and cultural initiatives from the city.

Celebrate the diversity and dynamism of Amsterdam's cultural landscape.

Event Highlights:

A lineup of local DJs and artists, including Noys Amsterdam, Ju-lia, Tida Kamara, Trippy Tins and Stay Away from Dante, provided performances. A panel discussion with prominent cultural influencers such as Fatmata from Heesterveld Creative Community, Milki from Aiche clothing brand, and Chanica Kist from Shoenica and Chapter 73 consignment store, explored Amsterdam's unique cultural identity.

Guest list management ensured a diverse mix of local influencers, artists, and residents were in attendance.

Collaborating with @Cash_Catch on a sneaker giveaway activation, involving hiding cash and vouchers at iconic Amsterdam locations, generated buzz and engagement on social media.


The collaboration with @Cash_Catch garnered significant attention, accumulating 5,957,000 impressions and counting. "The Pulse of Amsterdam" successfully achieved its objectives, delivering an immersive and culturally relevant experience for Footlocker visitors, while also highlighting the richness of Amsterdam's cultural tapestry.

Through collaboration with Footlocker, Common Culture effectively blended brand promotion with community engagement, solidifying Footlocker's position as an integral part of Amsterdam's cultural landscape. The success of "The Pulse of Amsterdam" demonstrates the power of leveraging local talent and initiatives to create impactful brand experiences deeply rooted in the essence of the city.

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