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With our mentoring program, we pair young professionals who are graduating and are in their final step to become a professional in the industry themselves, with top notch professionals from the event industry, to take that last step during their graduation and diving into the work field. In 10 weeks they had 6 contact moments where they saw the office and the colleagues of their professional, had a cup of coffee with the professional or went along to an event. Great connections were made during this program and some participants even landed a job!

We have just kicked off our 3rd Mentor Program with really cool mentors such as Daan Ruitenbeek from MOJO, Leonie Verkleij from ADE, Shannon Schrader from ID&T and Anouk Facee Schaeffer from Boomerang Agency. We're excited to start again and can't wait for the cool updates and experiences we receive from the mentees and mentors.

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