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Bijgewerkt op: 6 nov. 2023

The Phatcamp MDT programs developed and implemented in co-creation with Common Culture have successfully ended and we are already about to begin all second editions. We've had so much cool experiences with our programs!


With our mentoring program, we pair young professionals who are graduating and are in their final step to become a professional in the industry themselves, with top notch professionals from the even industry, to take that last step during their graduation and diving into the work field. In 10 weeks they had 6 contact moments where they saw the office and the colleagues of their professional, had a cup of coffee with the professional or went along to an event for example. Great connections were made during this program and some participants even landed a job!


Our Ambassador Program is a program where some of our most dedicated members can join to develop themselves even more into the event professional they would like to become. They will become a part of our inner circle of members and we are going to do everything within our power to boost their career. We will give them an experience that’s hard to find anywhere else whilst studying: organizing a real event together with us and our professional network and having access to this professional network.

Additional they are the eyes and ears within our community and they will become a source of inspiration for everything we do within our Academy Program. If they are up to it, they can even have a role in organizing or hosting our events. It will be a unique experience and a boost for their network filled with loads of nice perks.


The participants from both programs helped prepare and work during Het Dakloze Feest, an initiative from the Diaconate and Homebass Foundation. It was a very nice day where our participants came into contact with people they would never actually come into contact with. A super valuable experience to which the participants made a social contribution and of course gained work experience!

Het Dakloze Feest also made the news, go check it out!

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