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Bijgewerkt op: 31 okt. 2023

With a group of 34 super motivated students, we collaborated to curate a talent route for Adnight in three working sessions and several inspirational sessions. We chose agency’s that contribute to talent development for young professionals and are open to the ideas of these young professionals. This program was part of the 'MDT-Kort' program Common Culture co-created with Phatcamp and multiple universities for the Dutch Government.

This year we invited some of the leading advertising agencies, including Massive Music, Boomerang, and House of Communications, for an inspiring session. They shared insights into their organizations, revealed their programs for Adnight, and explained what drives them.

The meeting became not only a source of knowledge, but also a place where new connections were forged. In an atmosphere of collaboration, professionals even helped shape the Talent Route with answering all the questions the participants had.

It was more than just a program; it was an exclusive look behind the scenes, guided by us, and a chance to learn from the best in the industry. Literally a way in. Sharing knowledge, experiences and inspiration is what Way In 2023 was all about.

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