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In the summer of 2022, Common Culture launched the Festival Academy Amsterdam. Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam, 30 young people with a distance to the labor market were trained as event staff. With this we worked on solving youth unemployment in the city and also on the gigantic personnel shortage in the event industry.

Together with leading event organizations and producers, 42 participants were trained to start a career in this industry that is so much closer to their experience than the work they often see passing by in their immediate environment. The young people were trained, given tours of events and made their first flying hours within the program.


UPDATE: 9-11-2022

Several of the Festival Academy participants have been working in the A'DAM Tower since completing the program. One of them was interviewed for an article in the Amsterdammer. In it, he talked about the fine supervision and how it felt like he gained a big brother in his supervisor.


Update: 9-3-2023


Continuing on the great success of last year, Festival Academy Amsterdam will take place again this year and commissioned by the City of Amsterdam.

This talent development program prepares young people for work in an industry close to their own experience: the events industry. An industry that could use a lot of new people right now. The program works with participants on practical knowledge, technical skills, self-reliance, self-confidence and a professional work attitude. The certificates that participants will obtain upon successful completion of the program give them a basis for work as stage, tent, or booth builders as well as for work in the construction industry. A nice combination that broadens the outflow possibilities for participants. Thanks to our broad network within these sectors, we can help the participants to find work after successfully completing the program.

The first trainings are already scheduled in March. Keep an eye on this blog for updates regarding Festival Academy Amsterdam!


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