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In 2023, we have not been idle! Behind the scenes, we worked hard at the beginning of the year to shape and launch the training program the Festival Academy after the success of 2022. We have already had the opportunity to train over 40 young people within the Festival Academy to get started in the event business. The big difference is that the Festival Academy is now an ongoing program and participants can join whenever they want. This offers many opportunities!

How do we do this? By offering in house training where they learn different disciplines (think of fence lines, truss constructions and stages, light and sound but also how to work safely on a festival site), backstage tours at different events and venues, field experiences where they really work hard for a day and everything they have learned can be applied in practice.

We have already experienced some great success stories in which participants have moved on to paid work in, for example, the A'DAM Tower.

How we do that?

We take young people through a theoretical and hands-on journey, with in-house training as our solid foundation. Here they learn all kinds of disciplines, ranging from laying fence lines to building truss structures and stages. But that's not all; we also teach lighting and sound engineering and, more importantly, how to work safely and efficiently on a festival site.

In addition, we organize backstage tours at various events and venues. Here, participants get a chance to see what it's like behind the scenes of an event. This is not just a peek, but a truly inspiring experience that fuels their passion for the event world.

In addition, participants have various work field experiences. Here the participants get the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in practice. They work hard for a full day and put everything they have learned into action.

Successes we have had the opportunity to celebrate!

We are proud of the success stories we have already been privileged to experience. A number of participants have already moved on to paid work, and some have even found their place in venues such as the A'DAM Tower. This proves that the Festival Academy is a breeding ground for future professionals in the events industry.

Together with our various partners, we continue to provide an avenue for young people with a passion for the events industry. This industry is not only a learning opportunity, but also a stage for growth.

We believe in the power of youth, and with the right guidance and opportunities, they can become tomorrow's heroes in the world of events and festivals. Are you ready to set your own stage? Join Festival Academy Amsterdam and build your future!

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